LIVE BLOG: Minneapolis Regional

Regionals Saturday is here! The Minneapolis regional is sure not to disappoint since it’s the notorious 1-12-13 regional. We’ve got Oklahoma, Kentucky, Denver, Minnesota, Iowa State, and Iowa all competing with a slew of individuals representing teams like Utah State, Air Force, and the Division III University of Wisconsin schools. Oklahoma should easily make it through this regional, but we should see a fierce battle for the number two spot between No. 12 Kentucky and No. 13 Denver. Don’t count No. 24 Minnesota out, either. The Gophers’ road to nationals will be tricky, especially with the recent loss of Rachel Rowland to injury. Nevertheless, the Gophers are on their home turf and are capable of challenging for that coveted second spot.

Depending on who advances as a team, we should see some exciting individual all arounders advancing to nationals. It’ll be tricky for individuals to qualify on an event, since they’ll have to go through Oklahoma–that is, tying an OU gymnast or whoever wins the event or scoring better–likely requiring at the minimum a 9.900. Whatever the outcome is, this should be an exciting regional that you won’t want to miss!

Rotation Order:

Oklahoma starts on floor with AAer Lisa O’Donnell from UW-W

Kentucky starts on beam with AAer Tori Erickson from UW-Eau Claire

Denver starts on bye before floor with AAer Brooke Terry from UW-Stout

Minnesota starts on bye before bars with AAer Samantha Wiekamp from UW-La Crosse

Iowa State starts on bars with IES group 1

Iowa Starts on beam with IES group 2

Looks like Lynnzee Brown will be back on floor today for the Pioneers!

Rotation 1: Iowa VT, ISU UB, Kentucky BB, OU FX

Showers FX: good opening double pike; front full front lay good; split to ring full, secure and extended; lay half to lay full secure again, nice leadoff routine! 9.85

Sullivan VT: y1/2, clean, small hop. 9.75

Stuart BB: pretty attitude turn! so unique. bhs loso, small check; cat leap split leap split jump secure; gainer pike stuc. 9.65

Schoepfer FX: bouncy double pike oob to close. 9.7

Rechenmacher BB: bhs bhs loso good; good full turn; one armed fwo, how unique for NCAA; switch leap dbl stag jump good; gainer pike with a hop. 9.725

Dowell FX: middle pass good; front lay front full clean. solid routine from what was shown! 9.9

Korth BB: good full turn; secure flight series, 1 arm bhs to loso; cat leap switch leap back tuck, wobble; ro dbl full stuck. 9.8

Jackson FX: huge ftdt to open; middle pass clean; nice extension on leaps; lay half lay full clean. 9.925

Dukes BB: front aerial beat jump secure; switch leap straddle 1/4 extended and secure; ro 1.5 stuck. 9.9

Webb FX: fhs front full kinda wonky landing but covered it up; 1.5 to front full good; nice extension on leaps; fhs rudi clean, maybe a lil bouncy on the landing. 9.95

Nichols FX: putting on a show for her hometown crowd; switch ring tour jete half good; huge dbl pike basically stuck to close. 9.975

After 1: OU 49.6, Kentucky 49.025, Iowa 48.925, ISU 48.85

OU really came out with a bang with a 49.6 in the first rotation! Kentucky had its moments on beam, but the back end of the lineup was a highlight. Iowa State looked to have struggled a little on bars, but still scored better than it did at conference championships, while Iowa’s vaults were solid as well. These commentators are IDing like no one besides top teams, so I’m doing my best to ID for you all!

Rotation 2: OU VT, Minnesota UB, ISU BB, DU FX

Marks VT: clean yfull to start. 9.8

Sundstrom FX: tail end of her routine; her leap series with the wulf full was good! split full secure; unfort that’s all they showed but looked to be a good routine! 9.85

Dowell VT: yfull with preflight leg sep and a small hop. solid vault. 9.875

Steinmeyer? BB: nice aerial; double switch leap good; sizeable hop on front full. 9.7

Kern FX: good double tuck; closes with secure front lay front full; looked good again from what I saw. 9.8

Webb VT: omli, small hop, but great preflight form. 9.875

Nichols VT: 1.5 with a small hop. 9.9

Ramler UB: maloney to pak good; shap half with her usual legs; small hop on ftdt. 9.85

Schou FX: overpowers and stumbles out of front double full a lil; 1.5 to lay better landing; nice and extended on leaps; fhs front 1.5 to split jump, overpowered again but the split jump covers it up and she lands nicely. 9.725

Karr FX: missed her first pass. 1.5 to front full good; tour jete 1/2 to wolf full extended and secure; fhs rudi, good landing. 9.85

Lu UB: tail end of her routine–dlo with a hop. 9.825

Addison FX: hugeee well controlled DLO to open; 1.5 to lay good; switch side popa extended, lovely; she has such grace and power; double pike, clean landing. Great routine! 9.9

Young BB: missed most of her routine but stuck double full dismount. 9.85

Brown FX: she’s baaaaaack! her DLO is as huge as it was before and well controlled; 1.5 to lay to sissone well controlled; switch ring to split half nice and extended; man it’s good to see her back. 9.95, she even got a 10 from one judge!

OU VT: 49.4
MN UB: 48.825
ISU BB: 48.6
DU FX: 49.35

After 2: OU 99.0, ISU 96.675, DU 49.35, Kentucky 49.025, Iowa 48.925, Minnesota 48.825

Man is DU happy to have Lynnzee Brown back on floor. OU had a good vault rotation, but not great by OU standards. They’ll want to clean up some of those landings, but again, those are minor things and any team besides OU would be happy with that score on vault. ISU struggled a bit on beam, having to count a 9.6 and 3 9.7 range scores after Paz fell. Minnesota definitely didn’t have the bars rotation that they wanted, so it will be interesting to see if they can come back from that, since bars is typically their best event.

Rotation 3: DU VT, Iowa UB, Minnesota BB, Kentucky FX

Solid leadoff routine by Montgomery on beam! 9.7

Chesnok VT: yfull, good form, small hop back. 9.75

Lu BB: apparently just fell; bobble on leap series; unique, secure double turn; cat leap sid somi good; cartwheel gainer full stuck.

Sundstrom VT: stuck yfull. 9.85

Warren FX: missed beginning; fhs rudi loso good; fhs front full front punch sat. 9.275

Schou VT: yfull, stuck. could get more distance though. 9.725

Addison VT: yfull, hop forward. Could take her for rotation too there with a hop forward. 9.8

Korlin-Downs BB: nice flight series evidently that we didn’t see; secure on leap series; good full turn. She’s had THREE ACL tears in her career and she’s still doing gym; hop in place on dismount. 9.775

Brown VT: y1.5, hop forward. good vault! 9.85

Karr VT: hop on y1.5, but good otherwise. 9.8

Gardner BB: stuck gainer full to close. 9.7

Rechenmacher FX: secure double pike to open; tour jete 1/2 to wolf 1.5, kinda weirdly overpowered the tour jete 1/2 but still finished well; missed her middle pass; 1.5 to layout to close. Good routine! 9.875

Ung BB: bhs loso, tiny check; full turn, secure; cat leap switch side, pretty lines and secure landing; hitch kick side aerial solid; bhs gainer full, small shuffle. Another good routine. 9.75

Dukes FX: a little bouncy on the dbl pike landing; switch ring switch half good; good middle pass; dbl tuck, great landing! 9.875

Ramler BB: front aerial wolf jump good; side aerial lay full stuck. great routine! 9.925

Korth FX: good dbl tuck; nice extension on her leaps; fhs rudi loso pretty; double pike, low chest but good landing. 9.875

DU VT: 49.125
Iowa UB: 48.275
MN BB: 48.85
Kentucky FX: 49.4

After 3: OU 99.0, DU 98.475, Kentucky 98.425, MN 97.675, ISU 97.45, Iowa 97.2

DU had a good vault rotation but did have some tenths taken away on landings, especially in the bottom half of their lineups. We didn’t see much Iowa bars but it definitely looks like they were on the struggle bus since they counted a fall. Minnesota beam was good, but not stellar, except for Ramler really. Kentucky recovered on floor, aside from Warren’s fall. Halfway through!

Rotation 4: Kentucky VT, OU UB, Iowa BB, ISU FX

Solid vault for Dukes, 9.75.

Russ FX: fall on first pass; front full to front pike solid; double tuck, little low but otherwise good.

Kwan VT: yfull, small hop back. 9.825.

Davis VT: huge yfull, good sized hop back. 9.85

Rosa VT: reallly high on the table and comes in super low chested but doesn’t give up much on the landing. 9.625

Kwan VT: stuck yfull, good chest position. 9.825

Orrego FX: big double tuck to open; switch half popa good splits; 1.5 to lay clean; short on double pike. Hit routine. 9.775

Korth VT: y1.5 with a small step. 9.9

Dowell UB: DLO with a step forward. 9.85

Ledesma FX: huge double pike to open, well controlled; fhs front full lay half split jump front tuck, yay combo passes! double tuck a lil overpowered but good overall. 9.875

Paz FX: loving the sass in this routine! lovely extension on leaps; combo pass nice and secure; 1.5 to loso pretty. Good routine! 9.85

Nichols ended her routine with a gorg DLO. 9.9

Young FX: huge tucked full in to open! well controlled, too; her floor is so fun!; switch side popa, lovely; oof short on middle pass but pulls it out; good dbl pike to close. Great routine. 9.9

Kentucky VT: 49.225
OU UB: 49.475
Iowa BB: 48.425
ISU FX: 49.225

After 4: OU 148.475, Kentucky 147.65, ISU 146.675, Iowa 145.625, DU 98.475, MN 97.675

Kentucky with a solid vault rotation, capped by Korth’s 1.5. OU was great as usual on bars, while Iowa really imploded on beam. Despite having a fall on floor, Iowa State managed to not count it and still score a 49.225 on what is typically its best event.

Rotation 5: ISU VT, DU UB, OU BB, Minnesota FX

Ledesma VT: nice yfull, basically stuck. 9.75

Catour BB: switch side good; cat leap front aerial, nice; good routine overall. 9.825

Kern UB: looked like a good routine in the background of beam. stuck DLO too. 9.8

Cutler FX: great leadoff routine from her! 9.85

Sundstrom UB: another stuck DLO. 9.85

Showers BB: bhs loso secure; switch leap jump full good; front toss to beat jump, a little check there. stuck gainer full. Overall nice routine. 9.85

Chesnok UB: ftdt with a hop. 9.775

Glynn UB: great first hs; clear hip to gienger nice; great bail; ftdt stuck. great routine for her! 9.9

Sievers VT: fhs pike half, great landing! 9.925

L. Brown UB: gorgeous stuck DLO. 9.9

Young VT: beautiful yfull. 9.85

N. Brown BB: front aerial to bhs bhs good; straddle 1/4 good; nice and solid routine so far; sissone gainer full stuck. Great routine! 9.9

Karr UB: Another stuck DLO. 9.875

Ciara Gardner went OOB on floor, but had a nice routine otherwise. 9.7

Webb BB: great bhs loso; little overpowered front aerial; switch leap split jump secure; lay full stuck. 9.9

Ramler FX: powerful double pike to open, well controlled; ahhh her choreo is so lovely; 1.5 to lay solid; huge double tuck to close, but opens early and kind of stumbles out with a low chest. 9.85

Nichols BB: front aerial to perfectly 180 split jump; bhs loso secure; full turn good; switch leap split jump good; ro 1.5 stuck. 10

ISU VT: 49.25
DU UB: 49.325
OU BB: 49.525

MN FX: 49.3

After 5: OU 198, ISU 195.925, DU 147.8, Kentucky 147.65, MN 146.975, Iowa 145.625

OU ended its day with a strong beam rotation that led them to hit 198 exactly. ISU is also finished for the day, ending with a solid vault rotation. DU brought the landings on bars, sticking 5 of 6 dismounts. Minnesota had dynamic floor routines as well. One more to go!

Rotation 6: Minnesota VT, Kentucky UB, DU BB, Iowa FX

Qualglia VT: nice y full, a little short.

Addison BB: good landing on gainer pike. 9.7

Carlisle UB: good straddle jaeger; bail to hs good; dlo basically stuck, just a toe up thing. 9.8

DeMuse VT: takes a bunch of steps out of her yfull. 9.575

Glynn BB: another gainer pike with a small hop. 9.425

Brown BB: solid front aerial; front toss bhs lovely; stuck gainer full. great routine! 9.825

Ramler VT: great yfull, stuck. 9.875

Sundstrom BB: switch switch half, good; anddd shes off on her side aerial; bhs loso good; beat jump secure; gainer pike stuck. 9.025

Karr BB: didn’t see the routine but looks like a 9.7 for her. they jusr replayed her stuck 1.5 dismount.

Schou BB: front aerial bhs loso little bobble; beat jump sheep jump lovely; bhs gainer full stuck. great routine for her overall. 9.825

MN VT: 49.125
Kentucky UB: 49.4

DU BB: 48.475
Iowa FX: 49.425

FINAL: OU 198, Kentucky 197.050, DU 196.275, MN 196.1, ISU 195.925, Iowa 195.050

This one came down to the last rotation, but the No. 1 and 2 seeds OU and Kentucky ultimately go through to nationals. Kentucky finished strong on vault, while DU had a beam implosion after Glynn’s bobble and Sundstrom’s miss that made this meet way less close in the final score than it was expected to be. The results actually line up perfectly with the seedings, something that doesn’t always happen. Iowa capped off its meet with a great floor performance and Minnesota had an ok vault rotation as well.


Team: Oklahoma and Kentucky
AA: Lynnzee Brown and Lexy Ramler
VT: Meaghan Sievers

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